Brittany Salzone Illustration

Heart Portrait

Heart Portrait - Process Breakdown


Initial Sketch

Loose sketch of my idea, worrying mainly about subject and general placement of everything.


Initial Sketch In Blue

I like to blow up my initial sketch and colorize it to blue or red so I can draw over it in black. This helps me see where I’m drawing more clearly and allows me to break away from the sketch a bit so I don’t follow it too perfectly.


Initial Sketch Fleshed Out

Rough line work is basically done, started adding in basic values to get a feel for the image as a whole.

Reworking Areas

Sometimes I’m near done with the refined sketch and I decide to rework an area. Here I reworked the bulge on her forehead, and add small bulges to break up the big shape. It’s never too late to change things! Don’t be afraid to explore your idea as you work.


I add more darks and lights, and add more texture like on the leaves. This part takes a little while!


I explore color here, on a new layer at the very top. Sometimes I know exactly which color(s) I want and sometimes I dont. When I don’t I slap any color down and use ctrl+u and mess around with the sliders till something speaks to me. Sometimes I’m more accurate when coloring, or sometimes I keep it rough, like in this one.


The final image, with the color layer from before set to Color. Small adjustments are made to values and minor areas tweaked here and there.

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Thank You :)))