Brittany Salzone Illustration


Treeman - Process Breakdown


Initial Sketch

Loose sketch of my idea, worrying mainly about subject and general placement of everything.


Initial Sketch In Blue

I like to blow up my initial sketch and colorize it to blue or red so I can draw over it in black. This helps me see where I’m drawing more clearly and allows me to break away from the sketch a bit so I don’t follow it too perfectly.


Initial Sketch Fleshed Out

Rough line work is basically done, started adding in basic values to get a feel for the image as a whole.


I experiment with color on a separate layer, above all the other layers. When I’m happy with the colors I set that layer mode to Color. I was really digging the blue tone!


Minor tweaks are made, like adjusting value and color adjustments. I also added a blue and pink glow behind everything.

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Thank You :)))